Pre/Post Ceremony Package

Solo Artist - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals


What are the benefits of having live music pre/post your ceremony?

It’s all about setting the atmosphere, smoothing out the gaps between ceremony, nibbles and photos until the reception begins. Whether you choose to do your photos before or after the ceremony – there is a space of time where you can set the tone for your guests. Having some sort of entertainment means guests won’t stray too far; and it invites your guests to settle in and enjoy themselves. Often this is a time for guests to catch up with friends and family. Having live acoustic music is one option for entertainment – I believe it is highly satisfying for guests to watch live music as they mingle and talk among themselves.


BiancaRae's prices?

I have a flat rate charge of $380 for 2 hours. There is an option to increase this to 3 or 4 hours for an additional $90p/hr.

Travel Cost: I am based in Taupo. After 10Km radius there is a charge per Km at $0.75 for the total drive.


How does this work on the day?

Set up: I will arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony begins. I will set up my PA gear and have a quick sound check.

Pre-Ceremony: I will play for 20 – 30 minutes before the ceremony begins (as guests arrive). *Important* I will organise with an appointed person, by yourself, for when I need to finish playing to allow for the bride/groom to begin their walk down the aisle.

Aisle walk: If there is a special song you would like me to sing for the aisle walk, this is of no additional cost. I can also play a song through my AUX inlet on the PA. This song will be downloaded via Spotify on my phone.

End of ceremony walk down the aisle: Some newlyweds have a different type of exit for the finale of the ceremony.  I’ve seen champagne bottles popped open and a toast with the parents; a flash mob dance from the bridal party; and friends or family members getting up to sing a song for their exit. So, there are no rules here!

I am open to allow for a pre-appointed guest of the wedding to sing through my PA system and use my guitar. Again, no rules – this is YOUR wedding.

I am also able to sing you back down the aisle or play a different downloaded song via Spotify for your celebration walk as newlyweds.

Post-Ceremony: Straight after the ceremony is usually the time when group photos are taken. Depending on how your venue is set up, I will use this time to either relocate my gear to where I need to be singing for the post-ceremony mingling; or if I can stay where I am I will play background music through the PA while I wait till the photographer is finished yelling at everyone to get into the right place :P that is a tough job! When the group photos are finishing up, I will start playing again for the next hour – 3 hours while your guests relax and enjoy their time together.


*Usually the ceremony plus group photos will take about 40 – 50 minutes; this time is counted as part of my package deal as I will be present at the venue.

This means for example: if you have booked me for 2 hours; and I play for 20minutes before the ceremony; then the ceremony and photos take 40 minutes – I will then play for another 1 hour to complete my 2 hours.





Such a star! Anyone who wants a fantastic singer at their function or wedding, Bianca is phenomenal.”

— Lucy Lathrope

Bianca is a highly talented, incredibly friendly and warm person, you’ll have no problem at all having her slip into your wedding day. She’ll add so much value to your big day!”

Sara Cole @ Beginning Forever (Wedding Videography)